Awesome Historic Places To Visit In New England

New England refers to a region made up of six states including Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont. As a heart of the American Revolution, this part of the country is littered with a huge collection of historical sites and attractions.

New England is littered with a variety of historic attractions including academic, religious and revolutionary war sites as you will discover below.

Freedom Trail

Located in Boston, the two and a half mile Freedom Trail leads eager visitors through 16 historic sites; making it a must visit for any history buff out there. The guides wearing costumes as well as the enthralling stories are a massive hit for visiting kids.

Some of the main sites to look out for include the Old Corner Book Store, Old State House, Park Street Church, the USS Constitution, and many others.

Stonington Borough

If you are looking to have a colonial feel, then this is definitely the place to be. Stonington Borough is lined with numerous buildings from the colonial period. This seaside village is also home to a collection of small restaurants and antique shops among others; all lined up along the main street. You can also go on a people and boat watching tour on the harbor.


Currently, one of the best learning centers in the US and world at large, Yale University was established back in the 1600s. Renamed Yale College in early 1700 after being granted a charter, it went on to survive the revolution and develop into the institution we know today.

This attraction boasts impressive architecture, a number of art museums and a rare book library in addition to its historic appeal.

Museums Of Old York

Located in York, this area is made up of 9 historic buildings including a warehouse once owned by John Hancock, a patriot, an old jailhouse, and an antique filled estate among others. The on-site nature preserve will provide a place for a much needed break as you move from one part of this attraction to the next. Be sure to check out the contemporary art gallery, museum shop and museum buildings.

First Baptist Church In America

Architecture lovers will probably love the prospect of touring this impressive attraction. Built between 1774 and 1775, the church features a blend of traditional New England meeting house and English Georgian architecture.

As you travel down the coast towards New York down to Virginia, the history of the early settlers only grows deeper. The original colonies developed the foundation of what America is built on.