What Is The Jamestowne Society?

The Jamestowne Society is an organization that includes family members of the Order of Descendents of Ancient Planters. Their primary purpose is to discover and document all the living descendants of the brave men and women who came over and helped establish our country in honor of our ancestors and to point out that Virginia is the original birthplace of our country. Their other goals include scheduled educational activities centering around historical and common interests as well as promoting restoring or preserving historical artifacts such as documents, records, edifices that have a cultural impact on the history of Virginia as the birth place of the Nation. Each member has an insignia and seal with the phrase “pro concilio primae coloniae Virginiae” which roughly translates to “on behalf of the council of the first colony of Virginia.” If you compare their list of qualifying ancestors to our list of ancient planters you will see a few names that overlap.