Virginia: The State Of Many Nicknames

Depending on the topic you’re talking about or what time in history, there are many different nicknames that you might hear the state of Virginia go by. Presidential historians, of course, recognize Virginia as the State of Presidents since 9 different U.S. Presidents have all hailed from this state. Football fans might call it a Cavalier state or a Hokie state, but the truth is that the older nicknames from the state’s days as an actual English colony are far more historically interesting and impressive.

Several Different Names
The colony of Virginia went by several different nicknames or “official” names in the beginning. While most were simply a variation of the basic state name, there are some others that went a different direction based on the influences of history at that time.

In fact, there were four main names that the colony went by in the 1500’s and 1600’s prior to the century that led up to the American Revolution. “The Virginia Colony” was one of the names, giving a full reminder of the type of territory Virginia was with an emphasis on a lack of independence. Likewise “The Province of Virginia” basically serves the same territorial naming.

However, there were a couple other names that definitely stretch it out a little bit more such as:
– His Majesty’s Most Ancient Colloney (and yes that is the correct spelling that was used at the time)
– The Dominion & Colony of Virginia

These were certainly more formal names that push a lot more intent of formality across, but one that stuck out as a nickname above the rest came in the form of “Old Dominion.”

Old Dominion
The nickname for the colony of Virginia of “Old Dominion” actually was partially from a formal title that was given as a form of appreciation. During the English Civil War the colony of Virginia was stalwart in its position as being loyal, and because of their loyalty to the challenged monarchy, Charles II granted the colony of Virginia a title. That title, as you probably guessed, was “Old Dominion.”

Even today Virginia’s official nickname is the “Old Dominion State,” there is a major university named Old Dominion, and the University of Virginia’s mascot is a Cavalier – or a “Charles Supporter.” In other words, the very identity that resulted in the then colony and now state getting the title that would become their official nickname.

While Virginia is known by many nicknames, it’s hard to argue with Old Dominion as being the primary one of note.