Information On Batholomew Gosnold

Born in 1571, Bartholomew Gosnold was a famous English lawyer and was well-regarded for his work in the exploration of North America. He was also an explorer who took time to build out the Virginia Company of London while going out for an expedition in the region.

According to history experts, Bartholomew Gosnold was one of the prominent figures in American history and had a major role to play in the colonization of Virginia at the time.

Here is more on what Bartholomew Gosnold’s life had to offer.

Private Effort

Bartholomew Gosnold displayed a passion for privateering, and it was evident as he went out to purchase equipment and boats.

He wanted to explore, and this meant he needed friends, funds, and directions. This was all pieced together in England, and he was able to gain the trust of those around him. All of it was done privately, and he was not funded by anyone for his passion.

He was able to convince the British to go ahead and colonize the land they were exploring.

He felt it was appropriate as an economic stronghold for the nation and something they could rely on in the region.

Cape Cod

One of his famous expeditions involves Cape Cod.

He was sent to explore New England and ended up heading west from his targeted route. This was when he was able to land at Cape Elizabeth. During the same time, he started to head over to Provincetown Harbor, which is when he decided to name the area “Cape Cod.”

While he was able to set up a post in the region, this didn’t last long due to the lack of funds and resources.

Settlers decided it was best to leave before the winter hit hard in the New England area. At the time, he had more than 32 settlers with him as they explored Cape Cod.

Fort and Colony

As he set up the Virginia Company of London, he was able to design the fort and surrounding areas too.

He felt it was appropriate to have this as the stronghold for Britain instead of the suggested areas by other settlers. He felt those were unsafe and not as practical in the long-term.

His efforts along with Matthew Scrivener remain a large part of colonial history in the region and how it was developed over time. In 1607, Bartholomew Gosnold passed away in his mid-30s. The causes remain unknown to experts.